Cab9 Team

We like to think our team is a little bit out of the ordinary. We are responsible, ethical, diverse and inclusive – people you can trust to build a better digital future, one that will work for everyone.

Tarpit Grover

Managing Director

David Beech

Technical Director

Sajad Akhtar

Operations Manager

Ankit Wadhwani

Senior Software Developer

Pratik Kanthi

Software Developer

Soumya Kanthi

Product Design

Anjali Grover

Account Management

Harshvardhan Singh

Account Management

Karan Grover

Accounts & Finance

Akhila Ramesh

Mobile Developer

Kaushal P

Mobile Developer

Towsif Hossain

Mobile Developer

Uday Surya

Mobile Developer

Amit Kalyansingh

Head of Support

Christin Allushi

Account Management

Palak Chopra

Customer Support

Kern Barnes

Customer Support

Sachin Chatter

Customer Support

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