Cab9 Driver’s Handbook

A comprehensive guide for drivers using Cab9.

What is Cab9?

A Dispatch Software crafted by a bunch of passionate tech experts.

Cab9 is a cutting-edge dispatch software designed by a team of dedicated tech experts. It serves as a cloud-based business management tool for taxi and chauffeuring firms. With its powerful dispatching capabilities and fully featured driver and passenger apps, Cab9 seamlessly integrates with a taxi business’ workflow. Our mission is to equip taxi and private hire businesses with the latest technology, providing them with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Driver App

Cab9 Driver App

An indispensable tool that enhances the driver’s everyday experience.

The driver app is a crucial component of Cab9. Our iOS and Android driver apps are designed to make taxi driving and ride receiving easier than ever before. With essential information at their fingertips, drivers can access booking offers, job details, an overview of their earnings, job bidding, and other functions. The app also introduces an industry- first feature allowing drivers to set a preferred distance radius for pickup locations.

Furthermore, the driver app incorporates a world first voice command feature, enabling drivers to simply say “ACCEPT” or “REJECT” to respond to booking offers. By employing the latest technologies and collaborating closely with our clients, we have developed the most advanced dispatch system available. Cab9 utilises dynamic zones to optimise efficiency, reduce dead mileage, and increase drivers’ earnings.

Dynamic Zones

Dynamic Zones and Real-Time Dispatch

Understanding the workings of dynamic zones.

Unlike traditional dispatch software that relies on static zones and queues to dispatch cars, Cab9 employs dynamic zones. These dynamic zones are created around pickup locations to identify all drivers within a small radius of the booking. By considering suitable vehicles and ensuring efficient and necessary movement, our system eliminates the need for drivers to travel excessive distances to reach pickups, saving time, fuel, and money.

The system not only evaluates all cars within an appropriate radius of the pickup but also analyses driver waiting times and incorporates live traffic data to account for road closures and congestion.

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Dynamic zones

Dynamic zones are carefully allocated zones to help the driver.

Discover your new Driver App

Introducing our driver app tailored to your needs.

Built by drivers for drivers, our app revolutionises the way you work. We understand that change can be challenging, which is why our team has meticulously crafted a series of Driver App Tutorials. These tutorials will guide you through the functionalities of the app, helping you maximise its potential and enhance your overall experience. Embrace the future of taxi driving with Cab9.

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