Smart Dispatch Solution for Smart Businesses

Easily keep track of clients, drivers and vehicles in real-time, manually or automatically dispatch vehicles to bookings, and set predefined rules to let Cab9 plan ahead.

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Why Use Our Dispatch System

Our system has been designed as a robust and complete solution for managing any size of ground transport business. Like any good technology, Cab9 allows you to get more done, more efficiently.

Fully automated Dispatch

Customisable auto dispatch that allows you to set the rules for who, how and when the auto dispatch sends work to your drivers. 

Multiple pricing models

Cab9 can be configured to meet your needs, whether it’s multiple pricing models, client specific pricing or an uplift at busy times.

User friendly interface

Our system has been designed with the user in mind, each element has a purpose and function adding value to the user.

Intelligent search

Data is to hand within Cab9. Our “Elasticsearch” function allows you to find information from anywhere and make decisions, fast!

Superior Customer Management

Adhere to customer needs via a secure, flexible, and easy to use operational platform to ensure expectations are met, every time.

Client Portals

Allow your most important clients to add bookings directly on your system, improving your service level and speed while reducing costs.

Making Dispatch Painless

Cab9 is designed to make the entire dispatch process, from initial booking to dispatching the right driver, a simple and effortless one. You choose the level of automation required to fulfil your business needs. Our best in class system does the thinking for you, presenting logical and trouble-free solutions.

Highly Configurable Dispatch System

Cab9 has been developed to allow you to configure it to match your business workflow, making it a dream to work with. When you choose to use CAB9, our professional support team will discuss your workflow and help you configure the system to reflect it, so you can get the most, out of the software.

  • Intuitive Design
  • Colour Coded System
  • Flight Tracking
  • Real Time Stats

Intelligent Auto Dispatch system

Cab9 has reinvented dispatch like never before, using algorithms which take into account several customisable factors to ensure the right driver is dispatched to the right job. The dispatch system creates a real-time plot around every booking and assesses live driver queues within it to assign the best driver. This way, your clients never wait too long and the drivers still benefit from queue fairness.


Workshare allows you to build a nationwide virtual fleet, which can be allocated bookings in two clicks of a mouse. Before selecting partners, you can view fleet types and pricing to ensure they are the right fit. If you want to get more customers, fill quiet times and increase bookings, then you need to be a part of Workshare.

  • Get More Bookings
  • View Partner Pricing
  • Run a Virtual Fleet
  • Easy to Use

Precise Pricing and Tailored Tariffs

Accurate and flexible pricing is the life blood of a private hire business. With Cab9 you simply set and forget, allowing the system to do all the hard work. Tariffs can be built a number of ways, including zones, postcodes, fixed pricing & layered pricing. Discount codes and client specific pricing can also be applied to bookings.

  • Vehicle Based
  • Special Rates
  • Chauffeur Pricing
  • Cancellation Policies

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