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While designing the passenger apps we had only one mission i.e. to put you in league with the multinational companies who are spending millions on their apps which is what passengers expect in this day & age.

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Nothing but the Best for Your Customers

We build technology around people to make their life easier. That’s why we built our app around your clients allowing for full customisation both visually and functionally.

Simple sign up

Customers just need an email id and contact number to create an account and travel with your business.

Fully brandable

Fully reflect your business identity with our brandable passenger app. Maximising your professional image.

Multiple payment options

Your passenger can choose to pay for the trip by cash, securely via pre-added card, or on account.

Live vehicle tracking

Easily allow your passengers to track their ride in real time, right to their front door. Providing greater consumer confidence.

Booking History

Our application captures all of your previous booking history, keeping accurate records for cost and journey tracking.

Call Driver & Controller

Offer your clients a transparent communication channel between your passenger, office and driver.

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On-demand Booking

Your passenger selects the vehicle, chooses a payment method and books their journey. They can check the ETA of the driver from the app and know when their taxi is approaching their location in real-time, enjoy their ride and settle the bill through the app. A complete and seamless solution.

  • Quick to Book
  • Live Tracking
  • Secure Payments
  • Rate the Driver

Flexible Vehicle Options

Depending on the passenger’s needs and the number of passengers, there are various vehicle types available to choose from, configured by you. You can choose to show live times or add multipliers to account for busy periods. The whole experience can be engineered by you.

  • Create App Zones
  • Minimum ETA’s
  • Hide Drivers
  • Customisable Delays

Automated Route Planning

Every route is automatically planned through the integrated mapping to take the shortest and most efficient route. The passenger will be notified at every step, including vehicle details, ETA of the driver, and other trip updates. Once the booking begins, the passenger will see the trip route and the arrival time at their destination.

  • Live Updates
  • Trip Routes
  • Live Arrival Times
  • Automatic Routing

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