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At Cab9 we are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer, empowering you to grow your business. Our third-party integrations increase your visibility, efficiency and client pool.

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Custom Client Booking and Management Portal

Increase engagement with your clients via their own booking portal. Reduce time by allowing clients to book directly onto your system and get paid faster with self service invoicing.

  • Client Branding
  • Self Service
  • Professional Interface
  • Client Dashboards

Speed up Bookings with Cloud Telephony Integration

Let Cab9 do the heavy lifting with our smart telephony integration, which finds the customer and previous journeys. Three clicks and it’s booked.

  • Screen Popping
  • Incoming Call Alert
  • Call recording
  • Booking History

Chat and Share Information Anytime

Our chat application allows you to talk to one, or groups of drivers, configured by you. No more picking up the phone to keep in touch with your fleet or Cab9 Partners.

  • Message Drivers
  • Broadcast Groups
  • Smart Messages
  • Chat with Partners

Payment Gateway Solution

Our secure card payment solution can be set to manual or automated to suit your workflow. Cab9 provides full back end reporting on all card transactions for your peace of mind.

  • Secure PCI Compliant
  • Pre-auth Function
  • Multiple Providers
  • Set and Forget

Real-time flight arrival alerts

Cab9 tracks flights from all around the world and keeps your controllers and drivers updated of changes or setbacks in real-time, so they never have to worry about being late or missing a job because a flight has been delayed.

Increase Booking with Aggregators

Cab9 seamlessly integrates with the API of aggregators like One Transport and allows you to configure Automated Job acceptance or rejection based on your business parameters. Keeping you in control but helping to increase your workload in the leaner parts of the day.

  • Increase in Bookings
  • Automated System
  • Booking Filters
  • Service Mapping

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